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Congrats to my new asm. #bodyfactory #buffguy @austytime 😘👏
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My weight loss has people thinking I’m depressed and deprived myself from eating food. People in the complex now bring me lunch… Super sweet and thoughtful #complexlove #sunsetblvd #sunsetstrip #ifeelloved #pplcare 😍. #butburritos
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A wave viewed from underwater


This is insane

thats like the sky for sea creatures o.o

When I am with you:

i. I am the person I want to be,
and more.

ii. In fact, I strive to be better.
Because you are better than I am
in every way
and I want to be just as good
as you were,
and still are,
and will always be.

iii. I am not ashamed
when I am bare;
without my glasses,
hair in a messy bun,
and a wrinkled dress
laying somewhere between your pillows.

iv. Who knew walls existed?
Guards can’t keep you out
and they don’t hold me in.

v. These marks are not permanent.
Bruises are temporary
and my stories
seem to be worth telling.
Each word
and every sound that comes out of my mouth
becomes important.

vi. You inhale,
I exhale.
This is bliss.
This is grace.

vii. You listen as I speak.
You hear when I cannot.
I whisper secrets upon your lips
and you promise you’ll keep them
with a kiss.


A Story A Day #250 by M.D.L

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